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What if your purpose is to enjoy life? I mean really enjoy it.



Are you ready to shine?

Sometimes it helps to get a little nudge in the right direction. Or maybe make a giant leap.

Has it ever occurred to you that life was meant to be so much greater than most people are currently living?


What if you could stop the struggle and start living as the full magnificence of you?

You truly are so much more than you've ever imagined or anyone has ever told you.


Getting access to the essence of your unique strength, creativity, brilliance, beauty, and gifts of all kind doesn't have to be difficult. In fact it's just about knowing how to choose it so that you can go beyond any limitations you've ever wrangled with.



If you want something different, you have to choose something different.

You should know, if you say you want change, I'm here for it. I will dig into any subject with you and assist to excavate everywhere you're stuck so you can explore the freedom you're looking for.

What I won't do is listen to you tell and retell the stories that you're locked into. There are a lot of great therapists out there for that. I'm here to introduce you to a totally different possibility where the stories don't have the power, you do. 

Change is a matter of choice. If you're willing to choose it, there's no stopping you. I'm here to support, educate, and facilitate transformations big and small... and then get out of the way and watch you shine!


Healing... is probably not what you think.

The curious thing about healing is that if you believe it needs to look, feel, or be a certain way, you prohibit what healing can be. 

The key to healing, releasing, resolving, changing, and transforming anything is knowing that every thought, feeling, emotion, and point of view has an energetic frequency. These frequencies are unconsciously held in the body, psyche, and energy fields in many ways. Through shifting perspective and modulating the energy field, we can create the environment for incredible change.

If you're waiting for a diagnosis or the right professional to tell you the right thing to do, or you believe certain ceremony or medicine is necessary, there's very little I can assist you with. Once someone has decided what they think they have to have, their allowance for the miraculous becomes very narrow.

To experience miracles, you have to allow yourself to have them.

What's missing... 

For years I wanted someone who was in my corner and enthusiastically present with me… someone who knew how to call me out yet really cared about my experience. I didn't know precisely what I needed, I just knew something wasn't right and I wanted someone to help me who had the skills, patience, and capacity to go to the places that made no sense to others but I knew I needed to explore. I somehow felt it in my body and soul.

I didn't find that supportive person... so I became her.

I've cultivated 30+ years of healing and coaching tools and strategies. It's not possible to summarize my multidimensional approach in a concise linear sentence or two, but I will say I utilize all my senses, including the higher harmonics of perception and quantum witnessing not usually recognized as available to all. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.



With hearty giggles and infinite gratitude,


If not now, when?

Life's unending adventures await. This beautiful world is a massive playground inviting you to go explore so much more. I look forward to supporting you to get out there, go next level, and see what else you can create!

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