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What if your purpose is to enjoy life? I mean really enjoy it.



Are you ready to shine?

Sometimes it helps to get a little nudge in the right direction. Or maybe make a giant leap.

Hello Beautiful. 

I'm so happy you're here.

In case it's never occurred to you, everything is energy. Objects, words, thoughts, feelings - all energy. Including you. What if you could use that knowledge to leap your life forward? What if you could have your own sweet version of a great life with wayyyy more ease? Sound impossible? Hm, what if it wasn't?

Here's a quick backstory on me: I'm a natural cheerleader who knows life can be totally different and I'm incredibly impatient about it!


As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted more. I wanted more money, more fun, to travel, to enjoy adventures of all kinds, to have amazing relationships, a happier body, ease in every way I could imagine, deeper meaning and purpose, and all in all to feel totally free. Sound familiar?

Even as small child I knew that a mediocre life wasn't going to be enough for me. While I was fortunate to have creative parents who encouraged me to explore who I wanted to be, I later realized I was processing the emotions of my entire family, making my body sick and my spirit hide.

In high school my family moved to a tiny little town in North Dakota where my sassy mouth got me into trouble! I tried to be like my older sister who charmed everyone, but ended up being less of who I actually was and became more and more dramatic in reaction to it all. I turned to music and cheerleading, two places where I could creatively make noise and be appreciated for it. 


Clementine Mitchell Healing Possibilities

But I would continue to say to myself, "This makes no sense... there has to be something else." I didn't know exactly what I meant, but I could sense it. It wasn't about physical comforts or better opportunities or sweeter friendships; I just had a feeling there was something major that no one was telling me.

As a young adult I realized that the ways I'd learned to make myself smaller or tried to be like other people was not working. Not only that, I was discovering capacities that I couldn't seem to effectively talk to anyone about involving energy, healing, communicating with entities, and more. It was a weird time where I began to explore all the anger from how much I'd hidden myself. I tried to blame everyone and everything. Shame, self-judgment, and self-righteousness became major themes, and I watched myself destroy everything I created. I tried to make sense in a world that made no sense to me. 

But there were hidden treasures.

One major gift of trying to fit in is that I learned to be adaptable, to excel at giving people what they need to hear, and to know when to be just enough extra to make it to the front of the line. As a result, I had some great jobs in multiple industries. All of that experience is a vital piece of what allowed me to become an effective coach. 


I was also discovering resources to heal and awaken whole different parts of myself and life that I never imagined were there. From spiritual self-help books to channelers, astrologers, and regressionists, attending shamanic ceremonies in the Peruvian Andes, or all night fire circles in the desert, I kept marching right into the heart of what I hoped would offer me some kind of relief and true wisdom. Psychic horse? Sure, why not. Arcturian hybrid healer? Yep, I'll meet with her. I racked up certifications in a variety of healing arts and kept growing my spiritual life. While none of it was quite the route to the greater freedom and consciousness I imagined, they were all explorations that opened my life in unimaginable ways and allowed me to develop some great healing tools.

And then, a few years ago...

At one of the many incredible classes I attended, a brilliant facilitator asked me an invaluable question: What do I know that nobody else does? It can be a disorienting question at first. Everything we think we know was influenced by an outside source. Truly knowing is something very different. Potent. Life changing.

So here I am, eagerly asking you the same thing. Even if the question makes no sense, you might be surprised what you discover if you start asking it. What do you know? 

In many ways I'm still like that music-making cheerleader. I've allowed those early seeds of 'what else is there?' to mix with rich experience and the innate gifts I once hid so that I can be the best coach and healer that I can be.

What's the best version of you that you can be? What can your life be that you've never let yourself imagine?


Even if we are never to meet, I would love for you to know these things:

You are more magnificent than anyone has ever told you or that you've ever imagined. Yes, you.


Creating change or having what you desire doesn't have to be nearly as difficult as you believe.


The story of struggle is just a story. It only has the power to take you down if you allow it.


No matter what you might think, you aren't actually f*cked up. You are a magnificently powerful person living in an insane world.

We are moving towards a whole new evolution of consciousness on this planet, each of us awakening to our own knowing and potency. Holding yourself back or avoiding the truth of who you are doesn't work anymore. 


A tremendous life is available for you; and you're the one who gets to create it.

Are you ready to discover what's possible?

You might just be stunned by the possibilities awaiting you. It's not always comfortable, and where we might end up can definitely be different than you ever imagined, but your life can be so much more of whatever you desire.

Whether you're looking for coaching, healing, inspiration, or to build your tools and awareness, I'm sincerely excited to get to share in your exploration and expansion.

Clementine Mitchell, Quantum Coach

With hearty giggles and infinite gratitude,

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