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Receive personalized support to gain clarity and clear old patterns to create new possibilities. Learn to trust yourself more deeply while building skills for changing and creating whatever you desire in life, business, and relationships, even if you don't yet know what that is.

Be empowered to...

  • get out of your own way, dissolve limitations, and get unstuck

  • release judgment and gain more confidence

  • clear your obstacles with money, finances, and success 

  • navigate all types of relationships with far more ease and enjoyment

  • resolve challenging issues in a new, empowering way

Expand your spiritual journey and allow breakthroughs to new levels of awareness and consciousness. Safely explore unchartered territory and release what may be holding you back. Add to your tools, clarity, and possibilities. No subject or perspective is off the table.



Release congestion and dis-ease in your body, mind, and energy field. Unlock deeply held patterns to heal and resolve all types of trauma. Through this gentle but dynamic experience we psychically explore the inner landscape of your body and multiple dimensions of your energy field to address the relationship to your story and a much greater timeline. Learn to expand your capacity for receiving and enjoy a renewed quality of ease, peace, and a broader sense of what is possible for you.

For many of us, old agreements, promises, and contracts of all kinds from other places, spaces, and lifetimes are still at play and limiting what you can do, have, and create now. While we always have free choice, when there are people or situations that perpetually stick us, locating and clearing contracts can be very beneficial.

Entity Clearing

Entities are beings without bodies. Some people find this an uncomfortable subject, yet it's only your point of view that makes it uncomfortable. Whether wayward ghosts, spirits, demons, or other undefined energies, we can be aware of them, we can communicate with them, and we can send them away if they're not contributing to our lives. There's nothing to fear and you truly have more power than you think!

"All I know is that everyone needs this, people have no idea what they're missing. You've showed me ME, like holding up a mirror that I never saw before. Yes, of course my business is doing better but how I feel is the most valuable."

- Carson P., Houston, TX

"I don't know what magic you worked but I literally can't stop smiling. I'm just in such a good energy and am so grateful."

- A.R., Burlington KS

"Clementine!!!! Thank you! Whatever you contribute to me ends up moving soooo deeply - it's a strong and beautiful feeling/awareness!!!! My knee jerk wonderment is 'how or why would you give so much, so freely??' Then... it seems like my question would be like asking the ocean how it manages to be okay with being a drop of water!!! Needless to say, you are an ocean that continues to make my life...easier, better, clearer... you untangle me instantly!!"

- T.C., Lawrence, KS

"It's amazing how you come from a really different angle. I honestly didn't know how practical this kind of coaching would be. Now I'm a believer. I have clarity again and can't imagine how I ever lived without all this stuff!"

- Regan S., Santa Cruz, CA

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