What if changing anything is as simple as deciding you can? Have you ever considered that? 






What if you could live life as the magic of you? 


Would you like to eliminate the limitations that keep you from having your best life, while awakening new levels of awareness and possibility in everything you choose?


This isn't spirituality. It's practical, usable tools, tips, and processes to actually change anything you never thought you could.

You will be invited to acknowledge your infinite brilliance and your own innate knowing, while clearing out unconscious obstacles that keep you from doing, being, and creating what you've always hoped was possible. 

As in every service, the tools and techniques will be a synthesis of my diverse training, experience, and awareness. An Access Consciousness approach of total allowance, honoring, question, and choice is always a present component.

The purpose of Access® is to empower you to know that you know. The possibilities you can discover go beyond anything you've ever imagined.

CLICK HERE for scheduling or questions. I'm happy to work with your time zone.

The benefits are endless, but here are a handful of areas that can change:

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Sense of feeling stuck or overwhelmed

  • Physical/Emotional Healing

  • Life Transitions

  • Your Money Reality

  • Creating Better Relationships

  • Sex and sexuality

  • Clearing Trauma






  • Releasing Familial Patterns

  • Resolving Past Life Contracts

  • Bodywork Integration

  • Energetic Support

  • Entity Clearing - it's more common than you might think!






  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Insomnia

  • Phobias

  • Addiction






Access Consciousness® 

Have you ever had someone be with you and your body in absolute total allowance of all that you are? It's truly a miracle. 


A Symphony of Possibilities session creates something... different. It's energy work unlike any I've ever experienced. There are no agendas, or goals, or projections about what should or shouldn't be, it's just total allowance and invitation of infinite possibility.


Everyone experiences something very different. It could simply be a deeply relaxed state, changes in your body, or a dramatically different relationship to your entire life.

You and your body are invited to receive the gift of change that defies what this reality has ever told you is possible.


Symphony of Possibilities sessions can be done from a distance - from anywhere, to anywhere.

For more info or to inquire about what a session can create for your life, contact me.

There's so much to say about Bars that I gave them their own page! CLICK HERE.

Something different can only happen when we CHOOSE something different.


There are many methods for exploring regressions. Each endeavors to slow brain waves into a deep, meditative state to allow you to access levels of consciousness and possibilities that defy logic while offering more insight and clarity for your life.


The approach I practice allows you to connect directly with your own Highest Consciousness. In addition to visiting other lifetimes, dimensions, or realities, you may also receive dynamic healing and direct messages from your own infinite source as well.


I had the pleasure of training with the late, world-renowned regressionist Dolores Cannon who authored 19 books on the subject in her 50 year career. Though not all of her points of view on what it takes to create change may be accurate, there's no denying that she was deeply tapped into a capacity to reach far beyond the parameters of this one lifetime. 


With the inclusion of training with additional teachers, as well as my own awareness, questions, and integrated tools I've gathered from many sources, I offer a well-supported session with post-hypnotic integration and reflection time included.

Regressions can be useful on many levels including: locating recurring life themes, unlocking sticky relationships, healing original wounds, and dissolving vows, commitments, and other types of contracts that are still energetically restrictive today.


The Quantum Healing approach

Past Life Regressions are available in person by special arrangement only. Please inquire HERE.


Your body has its own voice and I endeavor to listen. While you sink into receiving nurturing, experienced, professional bodywork, I'm also talking to your body. What is it asking for and what contribution can I be? Is there more that wants to move than has been acknowledged?

Beyond techniques for relaxation and alleviating pain, I approach the body as an engagement with the molecules of everything that is you. That might sound a little "out there" for some people, but imagine knowing that you're in the hands of someone who addresses physical well-being and energetic, spiritual and emotional layers. There are many dimensions to you, so I work from the many dimensions of me to create the most change available.

I regularly see clients in Lawrence, KS, and may offer services while I travel, which is often. Please inquire for details.



There are times we don't know quite what we need, we just know it's something. 

Over the past 25 years I've studied Reiki, Healing Touch, Theta Healing, The Rosen Method, shamanic energetic approaches, and Access Consciousness energetic body processes, as well as having logged countless hours being present and engaged with bodies and their energetic fields. Each body has it's own resonance and signals when dissonance is present.


When you don't know just what you need, it may simply be that there's stagnant energy hanging out in the body, you may have picked up some frequency that isn't resonant, your chakras are asking for some attention, there's a parasite or virus present, or there's an energy locked up in your world that just wants to move. 

You don't have to know what's going on to receive the gift of energy work, but the benefits can be profound. It's a relaxing, nurturing, option for self-care and gentle - yet often dynamic - change.

The beauty of energy work is that it's easy to offer in many locations. To discuss possibilities, contact me here.

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