What Are You Ready To Choose?



What if changing anything is as simple as deciding you can? Have you ever considered that? 






What if you could live life as the magic of you? 


Would you like to eliminate the limitations that keep you from having your best life, while awakening new levels of awareness and possibility in everything you choose? I invite you to discover practical, usable tools, tips, and processes to actually change anything you never thought you could.


What stands between your desires and having them truly actualized? Learn to fully acknowledge your infinite brilliance and your own innate capacities so that you can begin creating life your way. Together we will clear out unconscious obstacles that keep you from doing, being, and creating what you've always hoped was possible. 

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Many people are having or seeking what might be called spiritual awakenings and/or breakthroughs to new, expansive levels of awareness and curiosities. This may be disorienting or uncomfortable but it can also be an exciting opening to wonderful new territories. Receive support in navigating the new terrain. No subject or perspective is off the table.  

The benefits are endless, but here are a handful of areas that can change:

  • Releasing Familial Patterns

  • Resolving Past Life Contracts

  • Bodywork Integration

  • Energetic Support

  • Entity Clearing - it's more common than you might think!






  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Insomnia

  • Phobias

  • Addiction







Using the body as a map, receive guidance to liberate congestion in your body, mind, or spirit. You may be surprised what change can occur when you learn to "see" through new lenses.


Many people are familiar with Reiki which I combine with many forms of energy work from ancient shamanic traditions to modern approaches to healing touch. The beauty of energy is that it can be modulated to meet you where you are and gently support you and your body through personalized change and healing.

Access Consciousness® 

Have you ever had someone be with you and your body in absolute total allowance of all that you are? Experience the miracle of no judgments, agendas, or projections during this potent energy session that may defy what this reality has ever told you is possible.


A gentle energetic process for releasing the thoughts, feelings, and considerations that block you from change. Learn more here.


What if past agreements, promises, and contracts of all kinds are still at play and limiting what you can do, have, and create now? In truth, we always have choice, but when there are people or situations that perpetually stick us, locating and clearing contracts can be very beneficial.


There are many methods for exploring regressions. Each endeavors to slow brain waves into a deep, meditative state to allow you to access levels of consciousness and possibilities that defy logic while offering more insight and clarity for your life.

I had the pleasure of training with the late, world-renowned regressionist Dolores Cannon who authored 19 books on the subject in her 50 year career. With the inclusion of training with additional teachers, as well as my own awareness, I offer a well-supported session with post-hypnotic integration and reflection time included.



Entities are beings without bodies. Some people find this an uncomfortable subject, yet it's only your point of view that makes it uncomfortable. Whether wayward ghosts, spirits, demons, or other undefined energies, we can be aware of them, we can communicate with them, and we can send them away if they're not contributing to our lives. 


Your body has its own voice and I endeavor to listen. While you sink into receiving nurturing, experienced bodywork, I'm also talking to your body. What is it asking for and what contribution can I be? Is there more that wants to move than what you have yet noticed?

Beyond techniques for relaxation and alleviating pain, I approach the body as an engagement with the molecules. There are many dimensions to you, so I work from the many dimensions of me to create the most change available.


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Through 25 years of experience I discovered and cultivated skills and interests relating to the value and potency of sensuality, intimacy, and sexualness. Though commonly misinterpreted, these experiences are not relegated to just romantic/sexual relationships but are alchemizing, healing energies that are about being full of joy, creativity, positivity, and aliveness.


Think about it. How much are you denying a natural inclination to more intimately, warmly, playfully, and powerfully connect with the world around you and everything in it? Maybe you've been holding it in for so long you can't even imagine life any other way. Yet, would your life be more fulfilling, richer, and expansive if you were expressing these parts of you with more freedom?  

We've lived under the lie that we have to withhold parts of ourselves for far too long. It creates separation amongst us where we're deeply hungry for communion. It's damaged our sense of selves. And it's sequestered our lives in immeasurable ways. Perhaps it's time for a reclamation?


This is vulnerable territory that requires a fair bit of bravery. If the idea of broadening your experience with sensuality, intimacy, and sexualness (not sex) brings up discomfort or fear, it might just be a sign that you're actually excited for the change that's available. What if you could be fully supported, held, touched, and heard in an empowering and liberating way?

Please contact me for more information or to schedule a session.