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I wanted to write a blog today, but I didn’t have time. Or I didn’t make time… or prioritize it, just like I’ve done at least a million other days!

Yet, here you are reading this little blurb I’m am going to birth in the next 10 minutes! How am I doing it? Because, ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t made it even remotely a big deal. It’s not significant! It’s just one little moment in time.

How many things in your world do you turn into an event that are truly a non-event? This brings up so many questions!! When you make all those things so important, what’s it really about? Do you love drama? Have you made the insignificant nothings the fuel for your life because you’ve long ago disconnected with the true life force that’s actually possible? What would you do if you weren’t distracting yourself with the tedium of irrelevance??

I have a person in my life who likes to make a production out of everything. I swear to god I can move onto a minimum of 87 different subjects in my head before she’s done going on about whatever totally irrelevant bit of today’s drama. And it can be about THE most insignificant tidbit. Now, I could waste my energy thinking about that just as easily as she wastes hers, but I don’t (anymore! Don’t ask me circa 20 years ago!) I’ve also discovered that if I try to stop her, it just gets worse.

Do you have anyone in your world like that? Are you like that?

The thing about significance is that something is only significant if you make it that way. You do it. You’re the one who locks things into solid, fixed places so that they’re a bigger deal, more hassle, more headache.

Even if the people in your life have kicked up some sizable drama, you don’t have to make it significant. It’s just what they’re doing right now, that’s it! What if your willingness to just have the attitude of, “Oh, ok. That’s happening,” actually created the space for them to choose something different too?

Pay attention. How much of your life do you spend talking or worrying about things that you actually don’t care that much about or aren’t truly valuable to you? Is it habit? Are you fulfilling someone’s expectations? What’s this song and dance all about? And, what if you just didn’t do that anymore?? Would you be happier? At more peace?

It’s really amazing how easy it is to change our lives. It’s so. so. easy. Yet, we tend to create a production out of everything. Imagine if you just rolled with whatever comes up and didn’t have to tell everyone your story over and over again. Oh, but you like your drama, don’t you?

Think about just this week. How many stories of drama have you told? Who said something rude to you? What problems did you have to deal with? What concerns are you all wrapped up in? Guys! This is your life! Is that what you want to spend it on?

What if you didn’t make these things significant? What would you have to do different? It doesn’t mean you don’t care – in fact, it may be a greater demonstration of how much your truly do care to not tell the story.

Care about YOU. Your life is precious. Your time is valuable. Happiness is a choice. Would you be happier if you acknowledged what’s happening and put your attention on greater possibilities?

I can tell you this, what you focus on gets bigger. That’s how this whole physics thing works. You can focus by drawing it out or focus by resistance, neither way are going to yield much for you. Rant about irrelevance, create more. Want more amazing delights, abundance, love, giggles, and wondrous surprise? Guess what you gotta do?!

Alright, 10 minutes up! I’m looking for some quick typos and then off I go! What can you create in 10 minutes today if you didn’t try to make it so significant?? What could you do with your entire life?!

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